When the whole world is on the brink of collapse, is working towards a better future worth the struggle? This question is eating away at the hearts of school-age youth, and we want to talk about it.


59% of youth are extremely worried about climate change, according to a recent study of 10,000 young people, from 10 different countries.

Eco-anxiety plagues this generation of American youth, and React is proposing a new treatment for this diagnosis.

Dreamland, a new original play produced by React, is a call for hope in a world that seems doomed for climate catastrophe.

We believe in the power of art’s influence, and are committed to providing our students with the opportunity to educate themselves and their peers about the effects of climate change, and the crippling fear that comes with it.

Whether it’s knowing the facts, or building a community focused on environmentalism, we want to provide Indiana’s youth with a new mindset, one of purpose and meaning, in facing their fears around the climate crisis.

The Synopsis

Logan was anxious about the state of the climate. Like super anxious. They did everything they could as a high schooler to contribute to climate activism, from being involved in the Green Team at school to encouraging their family to be more environmentally conscious, but they still felt stuck.

Then, the dreams started, and there was no going back to the way things were before. Will Logan have the chance to make a better future for themselves, for their generation, or are they too lost in a dreamland?

Real high school setting.
Real high school scenarios.

We discussed why the climate crisis is happening, why different solutions exist yet aren’t being put in place, why it affects some populations disproportionately, and from this we were able to bring the show to life.”

Regina, cast member

React staff teamed up with Earth Charter Indiana to facilitate a two-year-long research and creative development process for a cast of 17 middle and high school React students.

Together, they investigated current data on the climate crisis, discussed how it affects the mental health of youth, and interviewed climate activists and artists about their work.

With this pool of material, they crafted characters, alternate plot lines, sci-fi fantasies, and post-apocalyptic dreamscapes: all to be woven into the final script and production design.

Logan’s story is an all-encompassing exploration of climate change. It is rooted in real life stories from youth with eco-anxiety, mental health professionals, climate activists, professional theatre makers, and experts on Earth Science.

Upcoming Public

[Premiere] March 1 @ 7pm

The Athenaeum

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Dreamland School Shows

Upcoming school performances:

March 5 @ 10am

The Athenaeum

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March 12 @ 10am

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March 19th @ 10am

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March 26th @ 10am

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Whether you come to us, or we come to you, performances of Dreamland are available for school audiences all year round.

While each show is accompanied by a Q&A session with our cast, staff, and partnering organizations, the discussion can continue in the classroom with the activities, discussion questions, and resources we provide in our education guide.

Are you a parent or educator interested in this show coming to your school?

Connect us with your school’s administrative team by emailing alethea@reactclasses.org.

Why do we care so much?

React has been producing theater with the youth of Indianapolis since 1976, but we began to focus on making theater for social change in 2009.

Since then, we have produced 30+ social issues shows, dealing with topics such as bullying, homophobia, and violence.

Dreamland is one in a series of social issues shows in which we take our students through the entire research and devising process, then tour the performance around schools throughout central Indiana and beyond. Learn more about our other current production, Love Over Dose.

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