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A theatre

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Theatre classes for any K-12th grader who loves creating, storytelling, and collaborating.
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There is no such thing as a "theatre person" because every person belongs in theatre. Theatre can unleash the limitless possibilities of every student in ways that are unique, exciting, and accessible.
Theatre teaches us how to interact with one another, how to collaborate with one another, how to share space with others who are different from us. Young people need a place where that interaction can happen, where they can collaborate creatively, learn to fail forward, and find a platform to make their voices heard. We create one of the spaces where this can happen for every student.
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When we say Theatre for Everyone,
we mean it.

A different approach

In most theatres, the production starts with a pre-written script and goes from there. But what if we gave students a voice every step of the way– from writing the script, to the final performance?

Together, actors ask the dramatic question & research their topic.

The work at React doesn’t start with a script– it starts with an idea. With a specific social issue or theme as a starting point, each cast and director leans into their inspiration with research. We read, watch other work, and build a plan for the story we want to tell.

As an ensemble, actors take what they've learned and help build the show.

Devising is a global theatre technique that brings the whole cast together to create the show. From the first day of class, every student has a hand in shaping the story and creating their own character. The result is an original play where everyone has a voice.

We bring all art forms together on the stage.

A play is more than words on a page. Once the script is drafted, the cast gets to work to bring it to life alongside students learning the ropes behind-the-scenes. We dig into both classic and cutting-edge theatre techniques, setting the stage for something brand new.

Students perform in a wide range of un-typical spaces.

Every React production ends in a show. But that show doesn't always take place on a traditional stage. Sometimes we perform outside, sometimes we build interactive sets, and sometimes the action can spill out to the audience. No matter what shape the stage takes, our unique style of ensemble theatre brings powerful stories to life for– and with– everyone.
All of this doesn’t just build artists

It empowers


for life

To us, theatre is only part of the formula. We believe the outcome of the student outweighs the outcome of the performance.
The goal is to create students who are empathetic to the world and more empowered to react to it— on stage and beyond the stage. The final performance is the tip of the iceberg. Underneath the curtain call is months of research, collaboration, and creative discovery. And once they leave the stage, it’s that discovery that sticks with them.
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Whether your K-12th grader wants to be center stage or behind the scenes, we have a place for them to shine.
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