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Overdoses kill 100,000 people a year.

75% of those deaths are opioid-related. And as we move further into an age of uncertainty and isolation, we can anticipate these numbers may grow steeper.

about the project

Love Over Dose is React’s production about the opioid crisis in Indiana. The original show was built over two years. Our team and cast spoke with dozens of personal and professional experts on the opioid crisis: people in recovery, emergency room nurses, elected policymakers.

One of these experts was React's own Executive Director, Justin Wade. You can learn about his personal journey of addiction, and how theatre helped to shape his recovery.


Alex’s sister Riley is dead of an accidental overdose, and Alex is alone in the hospital bathroom with a bottle of Riley’s pills. Through flashbacks and dramatic vignettes, the show unfolds and Alex must decide what path to go down. Love Over Dose is a story of loss, love, and the ways the opioid crisis can affect the youth in your life.

Opening night:
february 2020

After hundreds of hours of interviews, research, and rehearsal, Love Over Dose opened in early 2020. As post-show surveys from audiences started coming back, we knew we had something special on our hands.

If you have kids, teach kids, or ever were a kid run to this. I'm forever changed from it and I will parent my children differently because of it.

— Audience Member

why this is

"Do you believe art can change people's minds?"

When we asked audiences after the first run of Love Over Dose, 85% said yes. Storytelling and art can have a profound impact on anyone, and our style of by-youth-for-youth theatre can be a key to reducing and preventing harm among the youngest and most vulnerable members of our communities. 

Two Years Later:

Love Over Dose
is Re-opening


You can support this project by attending a performance of Love Over Dose and by spreading the word about the show.

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Our goal is to showcase Love Over Dose to 5,000 school-age youth in 2022.

Your donation to React helps to cover production costs for the show, and allows us to work with each school that sees the show– as a field trip or in-school experience– on an admission price that works for their budget.